Hydrogen Energy California and Southern California Edison

Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) is planning a low carbon power plant that would provide base load electricity to Southern California Edison (SCE)  and compressed CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)  in Kern County, near Bakersfield.

Diagram of proposed Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) power plant

Diagram of proposed Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) power plant

The plant would produce hydrogen to provide a clean burning fuel that will be used to generate 400 gross MW of base load power.  It would capture 90% of its CO2 — two million tons annually — and inject it for use in enhanced oil recovery in nearby oil fields, boosting oil production.

The HECA plant is designed for feedstock flexibility and can utilize  a range of fuels from petroleum coke to western bituminous coal to produce hydrogen.

Sited away from populated areas, the location is in close proximity to water, gas and electrical transmission infrastructure, as well as the oil fields that would make use of the compressed CO2 it will sequester.